Portable dump tanks for your RV. This wonderful piece of equipment may not be something you really think about. We didn't until we stayed at our first campground that didn't have a sewer hookup at our site. Every time we had to dump, we had to unhook everything, move camp around a little, move the rv, go dump, and then reset up. Then our neighbors introduced us to the wonderful world of the portable dump tanks.

These portable dumps come in a variety of sizes. The two main brands are the Thetford and the Barker. Both can be pulled behind another vehicle (like your car, truck, or golf cart), and most come with all the hoses/ accessories you need. Easy to clean and easy to store.

If you travel around with your RV and like to stop at state parks and less resort like RV parks, I highly suggest getting one.  It truly makes things much easier and saves time.