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 With constant reports of trace amounts of drugs, bacteria, and other contaminants being put into our drinking water by water treatment plants all over the country, water filtration and purification has become a big concern for many people.   Also the taste and clarity of water has been affected which has led more and more people to drink less water. Others have water filters on their kitchen faucets, integrated into the kitchen sinks, and they buy bottle and jugs of water y the ton. These water filters though only clean some of the contaminants from the water. They also are not portable and able to go with you when your out, on vacation, camping, hiking, and so forth. There is a solution though and it will remove the most bacterias, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants then any other filter system. 

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Everyone has their own idea of essential-must-have-kitchen-items but there is one item a lot of people don't really think about: a bread maker. We all have memories of walking into our grandmother's kitchen, a deli shop, or even just driving by a bread factory and smelling fresh baked bread. There is just something about that smell that arouses the taste buds.

Bread makers have come a long way though. They are not just for baking your standard white or wheat breads. You can make just about any kind of bread in these with no more then a few minutes of effort: dump in the ingredients, pushing a few buttons, and then waiting for that delicious goodness to be done. Banana breads, herb breads, french bread, apple cinnamon bread, blueberry bread (exactly like muffins but in bread shape), raisin breads, the list goes on and on.

Now there are all kinds of bread makers out there but I highly recommend this one:


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If you have gone camping, pretty much anywhere, you have probably noticed the water was a little dirty looking and may have even tasted a little funny. Even the water coming out of your tap at home may be like this in a lot of places, which is why many people have some type of water filter. Why not have one for your RV too.                  

Here is a list of a few really good ones in different price ranges. It just depends on your use, your personal needs, and your budget. 

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Portable dump tanks for your RV. This wonderful piece of equipment may not be something you really think about. We didn't until we stayed at our first campground that didn't have a sewer hookup at our site. Every time we had to dump, we had to unhook everything, move camp around a little, move the rv, go dump, and then reset up. Then our neighbors introduced us to the wonderful world of the portable dump tanks.

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If you have an old converter in your RV, looking for higher amp power, or whatever the case may be, you should really consider this model.


This particular brand of converters/chargers have the best reviews by customers and professionals alike. This unit quickly charges your batteries (average 2-3 hours to completely charge battery banks), which reduces the time you need to run your generator while dry docking. It also extends your battery life and performance with it's multi-staged charging. Thus, you will end up saving quite a bit of money in the long run between gas and new batteries.

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