Caitlin has been obsessed with the pendulum clock in the living room for days now. She will climb up into my lap pointing at it and so I tell her it's a clock. Today she started saying "clock." So sweet. They are picking up things so quickly and their vocabularies are growing almost everyday. They are their own little people with their own distinct interests, but they stick together like peas in a pod.

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People are always looking at other people's schedules for ideas and comparisons so I will keep trying to post our schedule every couple of months. (I have numerous schedules at various ages on here already as well for those who need schedules in the first year) We didn't move times to accommodate daylight savings time, so our bedtime got later which has worked wonderfully for us...

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There is  lot to catch up on so I will try to hit some of the highlights... Haley:  Haley is truly a firecracker. Since she is so shy, people tend not to see it, but she is hilarious!  She loves to instigate the tag game with the other children. She runs around laughing, tagging them, and gets them to chase her. She is also my biggest "talker".

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Wow so much time has passed since I did individual updates. Sorry if I repeat some of this... Haley: Haley is still my shy little hippie baby. Michael worries about her at times because she is not as crazy, hyper as the other two, but she is a thinker. She sits and figures out how things work. Her vocabulary is a little bigger then the other two and she catches on to things she's shown very quickly.

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I know times are tight for a lot of people. So if you can participate that would be wonderful but if you can't I fully understand that as well.

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Normally I just talk about the kids, but this post is all mommy related. I had my two older children when I was young. So I have had children for a good portion of my life. I gave up everything, worked, and put everything into my kids. I don't regret a moment of it and love my children dearly. My life has always revolved around them.

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Well Haley is finally started to feel better and the fever is gone... you would think things would have returned to normal... not here! For some reason she has had a bad attachment issue. She constantly wants to be held, and if she isn't she will throw herself to the floor screaming. She cries if someone other then Michael or I pick her up, has hissy fits in the car, and heaven help me if another baby comes over to hug or sit on my lap, she'll go ballistic.

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Here is a video from the triplets first Birthday.  To view more videos of the triplets you can go to our youtube channel  @  sptubin's 


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Well Haley has been really sick the past two days. She started running a fever that got up to 102.8, and that was after giving her Tylenol. She was also really lethargic. I called Michael at work yesterday and told him I had to get her into the doctors office. So he came home and away we went. All the kids hate the doctor's.

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Well Haley has been very very sick the past couple of days. She has been running a fever of 101-102, lethargic, and just miserable.

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