Potty training at 19 months?  Some of you might say I have lost my mind. Perhaps I have, but after our doctor visit yesterday and talking with some other moms, I think we are going to try it. They show some interest and have some other signs (like being mostly dry after naps and in the morning and staying dry for longer periods of time.)

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The triplets had their 18 month doctor appointment today (even though they just turned 19 months)... It would be my luck that Haley had a rough morning before the appointment. She has been up, off and on, since about 4am which made for a very tired and cranky baby. Not a good combination with a doctors visit. They hate going there, and it is complete mayhem from the time they hit the scale until they are leaving. They scream, cry, and have literal meltdowns.

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Here are some fun pictures from when we converted the cribs to toddler beds.  The kids got a real kick out of "helping dad".

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This always seems to be a big topic for moms of multiples... The things strangers will come up and say when we are out and about. When the kids are babies it is worse, and as they get older the comments seem to die down a little. Things like: How do you do it? Were they natural or did you do fertility treatments? Better you then me. I would shoot myself. You have your hands full... so on and so on. A lot of multiple moms take offense to these.

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Life with three toddlers running around the house is never dull. Somewhere there is always mayhem a foot. Haley has taken to carrying her toddler chair around and using it as a step stool. Her favorite "game" is pushing it against the fish tank stand, climbing up, and playing in the water. She thinks it's one of the funnest things in the world, although our Bala sharks go nuts every time she does it. I have tried to explain it to her, but really how do you reason with an 18 month old? Out of the three she is the one who gets in the most trouble right now. She is extremely smart and also a daredevil. A very dangerous combination.

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Since everyone has been asking me about the homemade gripe water for babies I decided to do a post dedicated to it... The first question that I always get is, what is gripe water?  Gripe water is a home remedy for babies and newborns who suffer from colic, bad gas, teething pain, reflux and other stomach ailments. The ingredients can vary depending on what you have/ want to use. Also you may want to play with the different ingredients to see what works best for your babies.

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Our schedule has drastically changed since going to toddler beds. We had pretty much been stuck in the same schedule since they went down to one nap around 11 months old but that is a thing of the past now! Recap: Our typical schedule as far as sleep went something like this before... Wake up about 6-6:30am, nap at 11am (usually slept for 2-3 hours), and bedtime at 6:30-7pm. I have been wanting a later bedtime for what seems like forever now. I also wanted a later in the afternoon nap so we could get out more in the mornings and do more stuff.

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Well we are on day five of transitioning to toddler beds. I would like to say everything is perfect but on the other hand it really isn't that bad either. Night time is going pretty smoothly. They usually insist on all piling into one of the beds. This wouldn't be a huge issue except when one starts getting to rolling on the others there is a brief upset in the room.

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I ca not believe the kids are 18 months old now. They are super independent, sometimes more then mommy would like. Climbing on everything is still a huge hit with them, though they are taller and more skilled now, so they try to scale everything including the bookcase (attached to the wall). The thing they love the most though is being outside. They would stay out there all day if I would let them. We still need to finish fencing in the yard though before we can stay out there for long periods of time with just me.

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Well the time is here,moving the triplets to toddler beds. Caitlin started climbing out of her crib last week so we knew the time was here. Part of me was dreading it because I have heard so many horror stories about sleepless nights, no more napping, and so on. Part of me was excited though because it is just one more step completed on our journey.

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