Well it has been a while since I posted here. 2012 has not started out the way I had hoped. I just knew in the beginning it was going to be the best year yet, but life, like always, had a different plan. My mother passed away unexpectedly in February, and it has been an extremely difficult time for me. I kept sitting down to write but just couldn’t focus. It has made me rethink a lot about what Michael and I want for us and the kids. Where we want to be, how we want to live, and so forth.

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Wow, I have so much to catch everyone up on!

The kids are now officially 2 years old. We ended up doing a small party with just us and the grandparents this year. Dad took the day off to stay home with us, we took the kids to Acros (a gym that my MoMs group sets up play-dates there once a month), ate lunch out, and then had their party after their nap. They had a great time :)

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Christmas has become very commercialized, in my opinion, and seems to have lost something. Recently though, I have read a couple of stories lately that has really touched me in a profound way.

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The kids started getting teeth and teething early on. We had some little rough patches but never anything too bad. Well for the past month we have noticed the kids starting to get the second year molars. They were a little fussier with these but it is also harder for them to reach teethers and such back there too, so I wasn't too concerned. Then the nightmare started...

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So much has been happening over the past month with the kids. Since taking away their pacifiers their speech has just been exploding. Caitlin has picked up the most words but she is also the one who is content cuddling up in your lap, talking. Haley and Criton are constantly on the move and it is hard to have those solid conversations.

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It's that time of year again! 

Well I put together a list of websites to find some really neat gift ideas, craft to do with the kids, and really good homemade gift ideas. Hope you all enjoy them!

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Ok everyone, there is another blogger that needs our help. Just by visiting her blog you can help her raise money to help a very sick friend (she has posted her story at the top of her blog). You don't have to buy anything, she is donating solely from blog hits.  The best part about it is, her blog is mainly a ton of really great recipes!  I have found several so far this morning that look fantastic and can't wait to try them.  Everyone loves great food :)

So if everyone could just go check it out, that would be awesome. Not only will it help out someone who really needs it, but I am certain you will find something to interest you as well!  Good Karma for Christmas.

Well we all went to the lake house for Thanksgiving. It was the triplets, Miche, Michael, myself and then his parents, his brother and sister in law, their two teenagers, with two other guests. It was pretty packed house but everyone seemed to have a great time.

Here are some pictures of our weekend. More will be posted in the Gallery under: Thanksgiving 2011

thanksgiving2011 005

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Ok, so this is not toddler related but something that I was thinking about the other day. My husband and I started watching "The Big Bang Theory." A TV comedy about a group of really smart geeky guys, basically just trying to get through life and find love (well most of them). If you have not seen it I highly recommend it. It is hilarious!

Anyway, they are very awkward when it comes to relationships but their dream is to find that someone special. This is the case for most guys I know who are smart and lean toward the geeky side. Yes, they are a little off when it comes to social norms. Sometimes their humor is way off, even though it makes sense to them. They may be into all sorts of "different" things such as gaming, role playing, learning for fun, building models, and things of that nature (but lets be honest, they probably think they same thing about your interests/hobbies). Here is the thing though... as far as relationships go, they are more likely to treat you with kindness and respect, not cheat, really listen to what you have to say, be supportive, and love you for you because they are just so happy to be with someone they care about and know that isn't something that comes around everyday. They don't take relationships for granit like so many other people. These really smart people are also more likely to be very successful and manage their money well. 

So before you quickly dismiss or ignore a somewhat awkward geeky guy, just because that is what he is, perhaps you should look closer. You just never know what might be there. It could be the greatest relationship you have ever had. Take the time to get to know them. 

To my own Geeky Husband: I love you more then words can say. You have shown me a whole different side to life and it has changed me forever. I am a better person for having known you and hope we will share many more decades together living, laughing, and learning.

Now my kids have never watched wrestling, although when they get older I am sure they will as their Dad and Big Sister love to watch it. None the less, for the past month they have been holding their own wrestling matches. At first I thought they were playfully hugging. They would run up to one another, laughing, throw their arms around them, knocking them both to the ground. Of course the laughter would get even louder at that point as they rolled around the floor, got up and repeated the process over and over.

I thought it was the cutest thing (still do) and video taped it for my husband to watch when he got home from work. Michaels' first reaction : "How cute, they're wrestling!" Wow, really?? This never really entered my mind until he said it, but yes, wrestling is more the word for it.

Life with our triplets is never dull and always full of surprises. I will post the video on our youtube once we get them all edited.


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