The triplets turned 3 years old this month so I thought we would do a collage of pictures from the time they were born to now. Caitlin is the middle child. She has two sides to her. One is very helpful, teaches the other kids things she has learned, a smile that brightens any room, the greatest laugh ever, and a passion for learning.

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The triplets just turned 3 years old so I thought I would do a collage of picture from the time they were born to now. Criton was born last. He is all boy, all the time. He absolutely loves dinosaurs to the point we are pretty sure if he had one wish it would be to turn into one, lol.

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   Having children is a wonderful thing, but it is also something that can take a toll on your marriage. Sleep deprivation, little “us” time, even littler “me” time, and as they grow so do the time demands. Whether you have one child or multiples. Whether you live in a house or travel in an RV. Whether you both work or one works and one takes primary care of the children. Whether you have babysitters to give you Date Nights, or you have no options of getting out without the kids. No matter what the situation, there are some things you can do to keep your relationship happy and healthy. If you think your marriage is great, then perhaps some of these will just be the icing on the cake.


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Saturday morning we started prepping everything to leave our campground and head to the Lake House to have Christmas with Michael's family. Everyone was excited and giddy. Michael had just fixed our brake issue with the RV last weekend and was excited to test it out. The kids were excited to spend time with the Grandparents and for a change of scenery. Nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen though...

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All my life Christmas has been commercialized. It's about buying gifts for others, making lists, and receiving gifts. Yes there is spending some time with family, having a big meal together, but it never really felt like the family aspects were the most important. This has weighed on my mind for years because I feel as a society we have lost a lot of core family values and have replaced them with monetary values. Working longer hours, sacrificing time with your family, so you can buy a bigger house and acquire more stuff. Giving the kids gifts or money to show them you care instead of just taking the time to be with them and doing what THEY find fun. Bringing a gift to your spouse because you feel guilty you have barely spent time together the last week due to a big company project. Financial stress from your job spilling over at home creating more stress. One of the most common cause for divorce is cheating and drifting apart over time, usually because one or both were more focused on making money. Instead of giving time to the needy, people find it easier to just give money.

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 With constant reports of trace amounts of drugs, bacteria, and other contaminants being put into our drinking water by water treatment plants all over the country, water filtration and purification has become a big concern for many people.   Also the taste and clarity of water has been affected which has led more and more people to drink less water. Others have water filters on their kitchen faucets, integrated into the kitchen sinks, and they buy bottle and jugs of water y the ton. These water filters though only clean some of the contaminants from the water. They also are not portable and able to go with you when your out, on vacation, camping, hiking, and so forth. There is a solution though and it will remove the most bacterias, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants then any other filter system. 

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These two just crack me up! Criton has always been a mini copy of Michael from day one and it is hard to see any of me in him. He even dresses up in Dad's clothes when he is away at work! Here are some great pictures of them hanging out at the park and making faces :)

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Doc McStuffins toys have been flying off the shelves and have quickly become the hot new toy for this year!

If you haven't heard of or watch the show here is a brief synopsis: 

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This is the best deal ever for those who like to camp a lot, travel for work, kids travel sports teams, travel for fun, or those who want to live the full-time RV life. There are over 80 campgrounds (mostly in coastal and some mid-west states) all family oriented (amenities like pools, golf, putt putt, spas, game rooms, fishing, theme nights, playgrounds, and more). Also when you become a member of Thousand Trails you can become a member of RPI and stay in their private campgrounds for $10/ night and they have campgrounds all over the US.

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Everyone has their own idea of essential-must-have-kitchen-items but there is one item a lot of people don't really think about: a bread maker. We all have memories of walking into our grandmother's kitchen, a deli shop, or even just driving by a bread factory and smelling fresh baked bread. There is just something about that smell that arouses the taste buds.

Bread makers have come a long way though. They are not just for baking your standard white or wheat breads. You can make just about any kind of bread in these with no more then a few minutes of effort: dump in the ingredients, pushing a few buttons, and then waiting for that delicious goodness to be done. Banana breads, herb breads, french bread, apple cinnamon bread, blueberry bread (exactly like muffins but in bread shape), raisin breads, the list goes on and on.

Now there are all kinds of bread makers out there but I highly recommend this one:


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