I have been asked several times about our schedule now that the children have transitioned to one nap (and have gotten the hang of it). So here it is: Wake up sometime between 6-7am Diaper change, sippies, make breakfast. Breakfast @ 7:30am then play Snack and sippy @ 8:30-9am Lunch @ 10:45-11am Nap @ 11:30am Note: The first week or so the kids were only napping about 1.5 hours. I was so jealous because everyone kept saying how their kids were sleeping 2.5-3 hours! Then this past week everyone started sleeping 2-3 hours! So if you were like me, give it some time, they may surprise you. Wake up about 2-2:30pm sippy & snack (go pick up sister from school) Dinner around 5pm Bedtime at 7pm