2010 was definitely a life changing year for us. The triplets were born January 20th at 35 weeks and 6 days.  We had read everything we could possably read. I talked with other multiple moms non stop while I was pregnant.  We thought we were ready (as much as we could be), but in reality, nothing can prepare you for raising triplets. Like with every child, it was a learning experience filled with trial and error, it was just x3. The first few months were a blur of endless feeding, diapers, and total lack of sleep. I never knew I could survive on practically no sleep. Each baby took about an hour to feed and they ate every 2.5-3 hours. We were lucky if we got 30 mins in between the end of one feeding and the beginning of another. With reflux issues and such, propping bottles just never worked for us, so it was one at a time. If both Michael and I were there doing the feed, there was that short break in between. If one of us wasn't there for a feed, by the time we got done with the last baby it was time for the first one to eat again. After about 3 months the feeds themselves started going quicker, so that left a little more time. Also Michael and I worked out a night feed schedule by then. We realized we could not keep going with only and hour or two of sleep a day. So he took the first half of the night 7pm-2am and I took 2am on. We adjusted it as the babies spread out the nights feeds so it was fair to both of us and we both could get some good sleep. Not very long, but at least it was sleep. Looking back it is hard to remember exact schedules at certain ages. I do remember about 7 months is when it started getting a lot easier. That's when they started sleeping through the night. It's also when we changed put down from doing one baby at a time to putting everyone down together. It was also about the time that Michael and I decided I should be a stay at home mom. So they children and I fell into a solid routine including what we did during play times and so on. One of the hardest things, and still is, is when the children start changing their schedules due to growing up. I am lucky that they all change at pretty much the same time, so it isn't hard to keep them all on the same page. There is still guess work involved though. Do we need to change nap times? Are they trying to extend bedtime? Do we need to add a snack? And so on. I will never forget first smiles, tiny laughter, small hands wrapping around my fingers. The first time they sit up on their own. The first time they crawl and become a mobile person. Their first steps, then letting go and truly walking on their own. Watching their personalities change and evolve. Watching any child do these things is absolutely amazing. Miche turned 16 this year. It is hard to believe she is almost an adult. In just a couple of years she will be heading to college and then starting her life. This year she has had to learn patients. Before the children I would run her everywhere and had all the time in the world to do things she wanted to. With the triplets that changed. I worked hard to still try to make it work though. My biggest concern, even now, is that she felt a little left out because of how much time the triplets consumed.  I know it wasn't easy for her but I think she fared it really well. Jasper moved to Florida and has been going to school to become an EMT. His ultimate goal is to go to medical school. He has a long road ahead of him but I know, as long as he works hard and keeps on his path, that he can do it. It is hard to believe that my first born is out of the house already and making a life for himself. Michael has had quite an adjustment this year. He worked from home until the babies came. When we decided for me to be a stay at home mom, he returned to the office full time to bring in more money to make up for the loss of my income. The adjustment of him not being here has been hard for both of us, but you do what you have to do. There is a part of him that enjoys being back though. I think part of that is getting out of the house and getting a break...lol. I can't say anything bad though. The triplets were his first children. Jasper and Miche were almost teenagers when we got together. Not only did he have to learn all the baby stuff, but he also had to do it with 3 at once! He has done an awesome job and I am lucky to have him as my husband and the father of my children. So as we close out 2010 I can honestly say we have all grown and changed a lot. There are still bad days, but the good days outweigh them more. I wouldn't change a thing! Happy New Year Everyone!