I can not believe that this time next week the kids will be ONE! This past year has had it's up and downs. There have been many sleepless night and plenty of surprises along the way. I can honestly say though, I wouldn't change any of it. Being a mom is a wondrous thing. All my children are a gift that I have been blessed with. Through good and bad, they have changed my life for the better. The triplets are all walking now, getting into everything and carving out their own unique nitch in the family. Their vocabulary is growing and can say several words now. Sometimes I wonder if I understand them better though because I am around them all the time so I understand what they are trying to get across. The bottle are all gone except our bedtime bottle, which Criton has spent a lot of time the last week trying to convince me he doesn't want anymore.  They still won't hold their own bottle, but at this stage that seems kind of a mute point. The girls have slimmed down and are back in 18 month clothing. Criton is somewhere between the 12-18 month size. They all wear size 5 shoes though. It seems kind of big compaired to what others say, but then again, they have always been big babies...lol. I look towards this birthday with a smile. We have gotten through our first year! There will be many more challenges ahead, and more to learn everyday, but I know we can handle them all with patients and love. To watch them grow into the person they will become is amazing. To be a part of their lives is a gift. To receive their smiles and hugs is a blessing.