Being pregnant with triplets is a lot different then with singletons. Instead on a "due date" you get milestones. Your first one is 20 weeks. Usually once you've past 20 weeks the threat of miscarriage is gone. The second is 24 weeks, at 24 weeks pregnant there is about an 85% survival rate if the babies were born at this point. They call it the viability point.

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Wow... We are 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant now. Criton is still my most active baby, but then again he has taken up a whole side by himself. I still think he is going to be the "leader" and get the girls to follow in his adventures.

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Well Michael has been working hard on the nursery in his off time this past week. He got it all painted last Sunday, and we went for a light blue/ green (I'll post pics later so you can see the color), and most of the week we have been discussing where to go with the design. Tonight we marked out where all the cribs and furniture will go, put some fun characters on the walls, hung the picture that used to hang in his nursery, and plotted out some more artistic touches and shelving needs.

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Wow, I can't believe this is my first October post! Our last doctor visit (2 weeks ago) wasn't very eventful. Though they suggested I find an indoor pool and swim often to help with pressure and muscle pain. Miche and I went to an indoor pool close to here last Thurs, and it was an experience. After about five mins in the water the babies were moving like crazy, and it continued all day long. I do have to say that being in the water was great though, especially on my back and lower abdomen. Now on to this weeks appointment...

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It's funny how things come down to check lists. Mentally we have been checking off what we have gotten and what we still need to get. It's nice to have months to prepare for an event though, because you can get everything in stages and have time to hunt for deals. I just finished getting the last car seat today. We spent a total of $75 for all three, and they are all really nice Graco's. Next major item to hunt down... bouncy seats.

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