Well keeping my fingers crossed wasn't enough. I started having contractions yesterday morning about 8-12 minutes apart. They weren't painful, just felt the tightening. After several hours of drinking water and laying on my side, my peri finally had me come to the office. They said my cervix was long but dilated to 1. They didn't seem too worried about that but I am freaking out about it. 

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Well we will be 32 weeks on Christmas Eve! So far everything is still coasting. All the babies passed their biophysical profiles again today (breathing, heartbeats, and movements) and everyone is looking great. Everything on the mommy side is doing great too. 

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Well we finally got around to seeing if the carseats would all fit in my husbands truck. It is a Chevy K1500 with a large extended cab (almost crew cab size). They fit perfectly! I had a feeling they would. I think we still might see if they would fit in our Impala but I don't think they will. 

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Well I have officially been getting "the stare" due to the belly size. The girls at the gas station the other night were trying to figure out if I was really really overdue to more then one baby. The counter girl at Five Guys (mine and hubby's favorite place for lunch after the doc office) asked how many were in there because she knew it had to be more then one. 

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Technically we are 30 weeks and 5 days. Everything went well. Baby A (Caitlin) weighs 3 lbs 13 oz. Baby B (Haley) weighs 3 lbs. 6oz. Baby C (Criton) weighs 4lbs. The doc says they are right on target. Everyone passed their first biophysical profile (8/8), and did it fairly quickly. 

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