Well as of yesterday we have reached one of our large goals... 35 weeks. If we make it to next Thurs we would have reached all our goals for this pregnancy and anything else is gravy. I will say that everyday seems to bring it's own challenges. Everything at this point seems so much harder (walking around, sleeping, taking a shower, etc).  I am hoping that means the little ones are packing on some poundage! Michael tends to worry a lot about the babies and me. Mostly because I groan and moan when moving and such. It's hard not to though. All I can do is keep reassuring him that we are doing ok and that I am just being whinny...lol. He has been so wonderful through everything and dotes on us constantly. I think Miche and him are ready for the babies to come though. Miche comes in, pokes on the belly and tells them to hurry up and get done cooking. She really wanted babies this week. Michael is waiting patiently but the closer it gets, you can see the excitement building. It is so cool to watch the two of them waiting on the babies. Miche decided to bleach out her hair again (it has been dark auburn for about 6 months now). She wanted to get back to blond so she could do her odd wash out colors (like pink). Right now she is at the orange phase... She plays with her hair color more then anyone I know. She can never make up her mind and stick with it. Hopefully she sticks with wash out colors for awhile. It is less harsh on the hair. I post some pics of her new hair when she finishes this transformation.