Technically we are 29 weeks and 5 days, but since I turn 30 weeks on Thurs they count this as my 30 week. All the babies looked good on ultrasound and we get weights next week. It is funny, they are so big now that it is hard to tell who's limbs are whose and get good clear pictures. I suppose that is a good thing.  Next week they start Biophysical profiles on each baby. Basically each baby has 30 mins to show them they are practicing breathing, big movements, and fine/ small movements. Hopefully these guys keep up their usual activity and it won't take the whole 30 mins. Normally the ultrasonographers have a hard time because they are always moving and turning now. Cervix is still measuring over 4 and no funneling which has amazed everyone. They said today I have been the only triplet mom in years that hasn't had a cerclage. They also are amazed that we don't have any steady contractions and that we are on no meds to helps with that or my Blood Pressure (BP is great). Now to the bad... My dinner sugars (2 hr after dinner) have been the 120's since going on the glyburide... so he wants me to take another 2.5 at dinner as well as my one in the am. I am not sure how I feel about this. Also I went almost a month gaining nothing and then this week (after starting the glyburide) I gained 7 lbs. It didn't occur me to ask them about it until I got home, but I wonder if this has to do with playing with my sugars? All in all everything is going great and everyone is pleased by the progress.