12 - 24 Months

Well Haley has been really sick the past two days. She started running a fever that got up to 102.8, and that was after giving her Tylenol. She was also really lethargic. I called Michael at work yesterday and told him I had to get her into the doctors office. So he came home and away we went. All the kids hate the doctor's.

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Well Haley has been very very sick the past couple of days. She has been running a fever of 101-102, lethargic, and just miserable.

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Today is the babies first Birthday. Due to weather and such, we did just a day at home with Michael, Miche, the babies, and myself. We decided to do another party on Saturday with the grandparents. I know some people have huge parties, but for their first birthdays I have always kept it small and just immediate family for my kids.

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