12 - 24 Months

Today has been a good day. The kids got up around 6:45am and were in a really good mood. We drove sister to school, came home and played. We danced to all the Gummy Bear songs (you can find them on youtube by looking up "the gummy bear song), watched Rio, had a great lunch of peanut butter and jelly with strawberries and peaches, played tag, and talked more about potting. I had to do some running last night which left Michael alone with the kids. When I got back he said he thought the kids were ready for potty training.

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Ok, so we went and purchased the toddler potties last night. 2 froggy potties and 1 dino potty (they only had pink froggy potties and Michael was not down with that lol). The kids found them entertaining to sit on, drag around, and take apart. I suppose this is good and bad (as far as the playing with them). Potty training here we come! I think this is more stressful right now for Michael then me, surprisingly. I know it is going to be messy, I am sure tears (mine) will be involved, and it is going to be a lot of work, but if it goes well we will be done with this hurdle.

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Potty training at 19 months?  Some of you might say I have lost my mind. Perhaps I have, but after our doctor visit yesterday and talking with some other moms, I think we are going to try it. They show some interest and have some other signs (like being mostly dry after naps and in the morning and staying dry for longer periods of time.)

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The triplets had their 18 month doctor appointment today (even though they just turned 19 months)... It would be my luck that Haley had a rough morning before the appointment. She has been up, off and on, since about 4am which made for a very tired and cranky baby. Not a good combination with a doctors visit. They hate going there, and it is complete mayhem from the time they hit the scale until they are leaving. They scream, cry, and have literal meltdowns.

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Here are some fun pictures from when we converted the cribs to toddler beds.  The kids got a real kick out of "helping dad".

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