12 - 24 Months

Ok so today is day 6 of potty training our 19 month old triplets. I went to bed last night and woke up this morning thinking we were going to try this "one day potty training" method. I read all about it yesterday and though we might give it a shot. The first part starts with a doll. My kids had absolutely zero interest in the doll. I suppose they are just too young for that method (or being 3 it just was too much) although some people did claim to have success around 20 months.

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Here are a couple of pictures of our 19 month old triplets on their first day potty training! (A little late but we got them up!)

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I'm on day 5 of potty training our 19 month old triplets. Is it easy? No way! It is really hard and the mess is unbelievable but I see improvements everyday, so I know we are doing the right thing. I wish it was over but I know it is a long road but a great reward at the end. The one thing I wish is that I knew what our parents did (exactly).

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I didn't get a chance to blog over the weekend so here is our potty training update for days2-4. We are mainly letting the kids go bare bottom during the day. We do underwear a little but makes it hard to get them down quickly enough when they start to go. Day 2 (Sat): Everyone went pee in the potty once. Now when I say this it means they started to pee on the floor, we grabbed them, put them on the potty and they finished. Sometimes we would get there too late and they would be done, or when they got off the potty there wasn't much there. Now some people would say this is a fail... not true.

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Potty training triplets. Day one: Ok, so we got up this morning, changed into just t-shirts (barebottom) and sat on our potties. No one did anything and they seemed a little confused as to what mom was doing. Haley was perfectly fine with running around half naked. Happy as could be. Caitlin and Criton took a little more time to get used to it. Caitlin was my first accident, and she was not happy about it. She looked down at her legs and started crying as I picked her up and rushed her to the potty chair. She didn't pee anymore but she sat there without issues. I cleaned her up after a few mins and sent her on her way.

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