12 - 24 Months

So the triplets will be 20 months in five days. We have been down to one nap a day since about 11-12 months old. It's never been too bad. Sometimes they will play a little before falling asleep but not for very long. After switching to toddler beds (almost 2 months ago now) we went to an hour later nap (noon instead of 11am) but didn't have any real problems.This week though has been a nightmare!

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Ok, since we have passed the two week marker We will just do some updates here and there instead of daily. Everyone is doing ok. There are still successes and still accidents. With potty training all three at once, I think we are doing good. I went into this thinking "It will be rough but after a week or two they will have it down." Perhaps I was a bit unrealistic about it. Training younger does take a little more time, as I also think potty training more then one child at once takes a little more time too.

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Michael and I were looking at old videos of the kids last night while getting things ready to upload to our new youtube account (will be available soon). I was amazed at how much they have changed just in the last 6-7 months. It really took me back when we looked at some from the hospital. You can get so caught up in the "now" that sometimes you forget how far they have come in just a short time. I, as a mom, and especially as a mom of multiples, worry about so much. Are their verbal skills improving and where they should be, are they learning everything they need to, are they getting enough stimulation for development.

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Alright, so this past weekend was Labor Day and we go to Michael's (my husband) family cabin at the lake for holidays. I was nervous about going because we have been working so hard on potty training this week and they were starting to do so well. I knew that being at the lake with everyone and all the distractions that it might set us back a little and I was worried about it. So we decided to just go for two days. I was right in my assumption. It was utter chaos. It seemed all our hard work was being flushed down the toilet. They were so distracted with everything going on around them that it was just one accident after another.

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Ok so I didn't get to blog yesterday so I am catching up on day 7 of toilet training... The girls were doing good yesterday morning. They still won't go to the potty without me but come to tell me. Criton is more difficult. I think it is definitely going to take a little longer for him to get the hang of it. His big thing seems to be distractions. If he is playing hard, watching something, or other people (like Dad) are around he doesn't do as well. I have had a couple of times where he comes to me to go potty but I still mostly catch him when he starts a little.

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