12 - 24 Months

What a morning! The kids were in high spirits today. We got up, dressed, had breakfast, and headed out to the park. Now this seemed like a good idea at the time, and one we have done most mornings for the past few weeks. The kids love to be outside and it really helps to curb the boredom factor that has started to set in at home.

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Welcome to our new Blog site! We did some major changes to make it easier to find what you are looking for and to add some cool features, like the Parents Articles Section.

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There are going to be some major changes to our blog! This blog mainly started out as a way to communicate all the babies progress to family/ friends and for me to keep track of everything to look back on later. Over the last two years it has grown to a lot more though.

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I took the triplets to the park this morning all by myself! I am so excited and they did great staying with me and then all walking together to the van. I was really proud of all of us :)


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Alright fellow readers, here is a small fact about me that I am sure you didn't know. I am a gamer. I started playing AD&D when I was younger (my brothers loved it and got me started). I never quite got into videos games like Halo and such but there is one game that my husband introduced me to way before the triplets: Guild Wars (online computer game).

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