Now my kids have never watched wrestling, although when they get older I am sure they will as their Dad and Big Sister love to watch it. None the less, for the past month they have been holding their own wrestling matches. At first I thought they were playfully hugging. They would run up to one another, laughing, throw their arms around them, knocking them both to the ground. Of course the laughter would get even louder at that point as they rolled around the floor, got up and repeated the process over and over.

I thought it was the cutest thing (still do) and video taped it for my husband to watch when he got home from work. Michaels' first reaction : "How cute, they're wrestling!" Wow, really?? This never really entered my mind until he said it, but yes, wrestling is more the word for it.

Life with our triplets is never dull and always full of surprises. I will post the video on our youtube once we get them all edited.