12 - 24 Months

Christmas has become very commercialized, in my opinion, and seems to have lost something. Recently though, I have read a couple of stories lately that has really touched me in a profound way.

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The kids started getting teeth and teething early on. We had some little rough patches but never anything too bad. Well for the past month we have noticed the kids starting to get the second year molars. They were a little fussier with these but it is also harder for them to reach teethers and such back there too, so I wasn't too concerned. Then the nightmare started...

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So much has been happening over the past month with the kids. Since taking away their pacifiers their speech has just been exploding. Caitlin has picked up the most words but she is also the one who is content cuddling up in your lap, talking. Haley and Criton are constantly on the move and it is hard to have those solid conversations.

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It's that time of year again! 

Well I put together a list of websites to find some really neat gift ideas, craft to do with the kids, and really good homemade gift ideas. Hope you all enjoy them!

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Ok everyone, there is another blogger that needs our help. Just by visiting her blog you can help her raise money to help a very sick friend (she has posted her story at the top of her blog). You don't have to buy anything, she is donating solely from blog hits.  The best part about it is, her blog is mainly a ton of really great recipes!  I have found several so far this morning that look fantastic and can't wait to try them.  Everyone loves great food :)   


So if everyone could just go check it out, that would be awesome. Not only will it help out someone who really needs it, but I am certain you will find something to interest you as well!  Good Karma for Christmas.