0-12 Months

Well Michael brought home another cold from the office (I'm not blaming him, just picking on him lol). The night before I was up with Haley until 3am because she was just screaming in her bed. So I rocked her and let her sleep on my chest until about 3am.

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I have never really been good at new years resolutions, but I have a few for this year.

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2010 was definitely a life changing year for us. The triplets were born January 20th at 35 weeks and 6 days.  We had read everything we could possably read. I talked with other multiple moms non stop while I was pregnant.  We thought we were ready (as much as we could be), but in reality, nothing can prepare you for raising triplets.

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There are some misconceptions of multiples that I figured I would touch on today: 1. Their personalities are similar. This could be farther from the truth. Even identical siblings have their own unique personality, and, like with any child, these personalities change as they grow. Criton is my fearless dare devil and gets into everything. His curiosity level is astounding. He is by far my messiest eater.

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Well today was day three of having only one nap during the day. They have their brief sleepy/ fuss moments here and there but it's getting better. I am a little jealous because I keep hearing all these moms who say there kid is sleeping 3 hours during this nap. So far we are at one hour and thirty mins to one hour and forty five mins.

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