0-12 Months

Well once again everyone only woke up once to eat last night... Yay! Hopefully it goes the same tonight. Caitlin woke up at 6am but only wanted to snuggle then fell asleep in her swing in the playroom Criton woke up around 7am and Haley shortly after. I fed everyone around 7:30am (6 1/2 oz bottles). We played until about 9:30am and then tried to eat some rice and apple cereal. 

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Well we have been patiently waiting for the children to start sleeping through the night (STTN). Sometimes one will sleep all the way through, sometimes they will only wake up once during the night, but nothing consistent for us yet. I had toyed with the idea of pushing back their bedtime from 7pm to 8pm but they would fight me tooth and nail. They didn't seem tired enough though and it seemed like they were more interested in playing then sleeping. 

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Michael's parents hadn't seen the kids in quite awhile because they live about 3 1/2 hours away. So this past weekend we packed up the brood and headed south. It took about 6 hours to get everything together and packed in the car. It never used to take long to get ready and jet off, but now with the triplets it seems to take forever. 

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I thought it was about time to have a conversation about marriage. When I was pregnant we heard a lot of things, such as: couples with multiples have a higher divorce rate, on forums I heard people talking about splitting up, those who had already divorced, and those who were seriously considering it. It made no sense to me at all. I could not understand why having multiples would destroy a marriage. 

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Up until about two weeks ago bedtime was wonderful. We started the bedtime routine about 6:30pm and everyone was asleep by 8pm. It was wonderful and very smooth, but that is a thing of the past. For the past two weeks the babies have insisted on feeding at about 5pm. Now that may not sound bad but it take about 30mins per baby and I feed one right after the other. 

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