0-12 Months

Reflux is very common in premature babies, and since most multiples are premature, it is something parents of multiples struggle with. I too had to deal with this at varying degrees. Caitlin had really bad reflux almost from the beginning and the other two had mild reflux. We have found several things that have worked so well that Caitlin was taken off her medication and the reflux, at this point, has seemed to resolve in all of them. 

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I can not seem to convince Caitlin that 5am is not an acceptable wake up time. It doesn't matter what time she goes to bed, this week she has just been rearing to go at 5am. It's a little frustrating but then she flashes me the biggest smile and laughs, and there is just no way you can argue with that. She has sucked me in just like her daddy! What is going to happen when she gets older? 

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Haley has always been our quite laid back baby. I used to worry about her because with the other two being so fussy early on she didn't get near the attention I thought she should. I was worried she would be so far behind in movements, play, etc... Not any more! For the past three days she has been babbling non stop. It is the cutest thing ever. 

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Normally you would assume when your baby is 3 months old they would fit the 3-6 month size clothes. When they are six months they would fit 6-9 month size. That is what I thought. That is basically what I remember, maybe one size bigger then their age at times. Not these kids... They are almost 4 months old now and their clothing sizes are just insane. 

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I wanted give some friendly advice to those about to be parents of multiples... First off, the first year is rough and the first 3 months is extremely rough. Communication is going to be the biggest key for you and your significant other to get through this without a lot of hurt feelings and pain. Sleep deprivation does strange things to a person, makes you cranky, you don't listen to others as well, you switch to survival mode... and only survival mode. 

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