0-12 Months

Well it's not that extreme (I hope).  It snowed all day yesterday and is going to be ultra cold this week. Usually we go to grandmas at least once a week but I don't really want to drag the kids out in the cold. They love to go though. When it was just one baby I never hesitated, we went everywhere. Things are different with the triplets though. Since their cold last month and ear infection issues I find myself being more and more cautious. 

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Well after much research and deliberation we have decided to switch all the day bottles to complete sippies (keeping the bedtime bottle for now). They always do great with their sippies and they are almost 11 months old now. Our old pediatrician (just switched due to our move) wanted all bottles to be gone by 1 year. 

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As the norm for having triplets, it is never dull. We are on day two of their schedule change. It started yesterday when they woke up about 6:30am instead of 6am. Then they didn't go down for their nap until 10am (usually 9am). They spent the whole day, including bedtime, about 45min-1hr off and it has carried on to today. 

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This was a funny pic that was sent to me.... thought you all would enjoy it!

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A couple of nights ago I went out with a few of the multiple moms in the area. While we were talking, the backpack baby leashes came up. Now Michael and I have been talking about this a little bit already. I also wanted to get each child a backpack to carry some of their stuff in when we were out. To me this sounded like a great combo. 

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