0-12 Months

New photos of the kids are up in the gallery! Videos are hopefully coming soon once I figure out how to get the off the video camera...lol  

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As you all know, Criton has been walking for a little while now. He has gotten really good and is even running a little. Caitlin is getting bolder and walking between things and people more now (letting go). I still think she has a little fear of falling. Haley on the other hand is a riot. She will just stand up in the middle of the floor and start taking steps. 

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Here are a few quick recipes... Chicken pot pie (my Mother In Law gave me this one and the kids love it) 2 can of mixed vegetables,  2-3 chicken breasts, 1-2 cans of cream of chicken soup, pie shell (I used the Pillsbury pre-made in a box). 

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We are on day three of no bottles (except the bedtime bottle). First day wasn't too bad. Yesterday evening they got cranky but they also had really bad naps. We ate breakfast, drove to grandma's and they caught a quick 20 min nap in the car. Then we headed home after lunch, they napped about 20mins on the way home and then another 30mins in their room. 

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I had ideas about who would be the leader, who would follow along, and so on... Right now I was wrong. I thought Caitlin would be my little leader of the pack. She was always very demanding and vocal. Now she has become the ultimate snuggler.  Criton has actually taken the lead as far as who everyone watches and tries to emulate.  Haley follows her big brother everywhere. Whatever he does she wants to do. 

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