0-12 Months

Well the last month or so has been crazy. The kids naps have been horrible! They would fight going down (playing and fussing for 10-20mins) and only stay down 30-45 mins. We moved their snack time around so they ate right before their naps (@9:30am & 2pm) which helped briefly but then, once again, we were back to napping horribly.

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Hope everyone had a great and loving Christmas! We had a wonderful one. The Grandparents (Michael's parents)  came over Christmas eve. We had a chili dinner and let the kids have some presents. Then Christmas day we went to their house, opened the rest, and had a wonderful ham dinner. It was really good to have all of us there together for the kids first Christmas.

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I did not write this but have seen it posted a couple of times on forum boards and thought my readers would get a kick out of it. It wasn't that long ago when ours weren't STTN and I remember the pain quite vividly....lol

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If you have started to have nap issues, this may help you, or at least give you some ideas.... The kids take two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They go to bed about 7-7:30pm and wake up 6-6:30am. First nap was about 9am and the second was about 1:30pm. They eat three solid meals a day and two snacks plus sippies. Well our naps started going very badly. 

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The triplets are almost a year old now. The year has flown by so fast, with ups and downs... The first few months of sleep deprivation, trying to figure out how to juggle three at once, and learning that someone is going to cry. That last one was the hardest for me, and even today it still weighs on me. 

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