I haven't prayed in a very long time, but have found myself praying a lot over the last 2 years. Praying that the pregnancy went well and that all the children would be ok. Praying for strength to make it through the rough patches of the first six months. Praying and thanking that the children were in good health and doing really well. Praying for the safety and well being of my whole family. Lastly, praying that we could find the means to keep our heads above water financially.  This one is much harder because, even though you have to have money to pay bills, food, etc., it seems like a selfish prayer.  It has been a rough year money wise for a lot of people, and no matter how bad it may seem I always say there are people worse off then we are. That part is true. We are not made of money by no means but we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and the monthly bills get paid, even if sometimes that takes some juggling.  There are people who don't even have those basic things. People who have lost them because of the economic downturn and job loss.  They don't even have the anything to juggle with to make that happen. Those people need prayers. They need to be remembered.