I have never really been good at new years resolutions, but I have a few for this year. 1. I would like to drop about 40lbs. Mostly toning up. My belly is still no where close to normal yet since having the triplets. 2. To not let what people say bother me so much. I tend to be sensitive, especially comments on my children, and there are people online who are not so nice. Perhaps it is because it is online and so they let their venom fly. 3. When it gets warm, to spend a lot of time outdoors with the kids. I love being outside and I want my children to experience what nature has to offer. (So excited!) 4. Get my house organized and finished. We moved this past fall and there is so much that I haven't gotten done yet, organized, and the kids rooms still need to be finished/ set up completely. 5. Have a night out with just my husband. We still haven't done that since before the kids were born. It is well overdue! Happy New Years everyone!!