0-12 Months

I haven't prayed in a very long time, but have found myself praying a lot over the last 2 years. Praying that the pregnancy went well and that all the children would be ok. Praying for strength to make it through the rough patches of the first six months.

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I can not believe that this time next week the kids will be ONE! This past year has had it's up and downs. There have been many sleepless night and plenty of surprises along the way. I can honestly say though, I wouldn't change any of it. Being a mom is a wondrous thing. All my children are a gift that I have been blessed with.

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 I have been asked several times about our schedule now that the children have transitioned to one nap (and have gotten the hang of it). So here it is: Wake up sometime between 6-7am Diaper change, sippies, make breakfast. Breakfast @ 7:30am then play Snack and sippy @ 8:30-9am Lunch @ 10:45-11am Nap @ 11:30am Note: The first week or so the kids were only napping about 1.5 hours.

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It's funny but things have once again worked out.  It ended up being a flywheel issue in Michael's truck and not an engine issue. We ended up selling it Sat night and I bought a '97 Town N Country van this morning. It is a really nice van and we got it for $1200 which was a really good deal.

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Every time we think things are falling back into place financially, another bomb drops. Michael's truck has decided to die on us. There is something going wrong with the engine (he thinks maybe a lifter). Needless to say this is causing a major upset.

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