I took the triplets to the park this morning all by myself! I am so excited and they did great staying with me and then all walking together to the van. I was really proud of all of us :)


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Alright fellow readers, here is a small fact about me that I am sure you didn't know. I am a gamer. I started playing AD&D when I was younger (my brothers loved it and got me started). I never quite got into videos games like Halo and such but there is one game that my husband introduced me to way before the triplets: Guild Wars (online computer game).

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So we are going into week 4. The past three days (not including today) have been really bad. Even Haley, who rarely has an accident ever, was having all accidents and no successes. Before that Haley was extremely consistent but Criton and Caitlin mainly had accidents with a few successes. Even though all of them were making small progress everyday, such as going longer between needing to potty (usually 1.5-2 hours in-between), trying to get to the potty, letting me know if they had an accident and so on.

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Here are some flashback pictures of Haley since she was born.

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Here are some flashback pictures of Caitlin since she was born.

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