The Paci War Saga:  I had not intended to giving up pacifiers for quite some time. It was just a battle that I was choosing not to tackle at this time. Once again, the triplets had other plans in mind... even if they didn't know what the end result would be.

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This is a review of the Kawaii Snazzy Minky Diaper, and a comparison to the Blueberry pocket diapers. 

As I have said before, when we started doing cloth diapers a couple of weeks ago we started with Blueberry pockets with hemp inserts and some homemade diapers. A few days later we won an ebay lot from Kawaii website (they do some ebay auctions as well as selling through their site). I bought 24 Minky Snazzy Diapers and 48 inserts for $98 with free shipping. It took 8 days for them to arrive since they are in the BC province of Canada and we are in Kentucky, but still it wasn't a long time to ship.

Here is a picture of the ones I got (4 of each).


While I waited for their arrival, I read and watched a ton of reviews on these diapers. Mostly good, some were not so good. Here is my initial review of the diapers and also a comparison to our blueberry diapers we have been using:

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So as everyone knows we started potty training awhile ago. After about a month of trying we were starting to have some success but then the kids got sick. Lots of diarrhea and general unhappiness from a bad stomach bug. We went back to diapers for awhile because they were not into it at all during this time. After a few weeks we tried to go back to potty training but I was getting a lot of resistance and crying, so we decided to hold back for awhile.

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Guest Blogger: Triplet Mom Plus One

Parents of Multiples, Attach Crib Tents For Peace of Mind and Sleep

When we went to Kings Dominion this past summer, our triplets knew just what to do for the bumper car ride because they have been doing just that in their cribs since they were very little, bumper cars with their cribs.

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You will occassionally see some guest bloggers here. These are people that I feel my readers would enjoy hearing from and getting some of their prespective on various subjects. They may do things similar to what I have or they may have taken a whole different approach. That is the beauty of parenting, every child is different and our parenting styles are just as different. 

Every Guest Blog will have "Guest Blog" in the title. If they have a website or blog, this will also be listed at the top. I encourage everyone to check out what these people have to say.