If you have ever had a toddler then you probably know the frustration of the temper tantrums they throw. Usually at the worst time (like when out in a store), extremely loud, and sometimes with them throwing themselves around like a mad person. Yes this is the toddlers way of expressing impatients, frustration, independence, and stubbornness.Welcome to the toddler years!

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Here are some pictures of the triplets from the last couple of months. Most were taken at Diamond Lake RV park in Owensboro, KY.




   This is all of them reading on the couch before we set off on our RV Life.





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The big American Dream, from what I grew up with, was always: go to college, get a great job, make lots of money, buy a big house, and have lots of stuff. For most people I have ever known, this is the American dream, and they compromise a lot to try and achieve it. The sacrifice freedom for money. They lose time with their kids/ families for more money to acquire more stuff. Our system is a system of debt. You get a loan so you can buy a NEW car and by the time you have paid it off it is worth about a third of it's original sticker price and you have paid almost one and half times that sticker price (if not more). Same goes for your house, except the market value has dropped so much in the last couple of years that the value of a lot of homes is much much lower. A lot of people still paying on their homes are upside down in their mortgages because of the value drops. Student loans that take an average of 10 years to pay off. Credit cards with $10,000 limits and high interest rates. On and on. Debt. If you think you can fully get away from it and still have a good credit score, think again. If you don't have some debt and are paying on it consistently, your credit score will drop.

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We weathered through the 105 degree heat wave and found a lot of creative, if not borderline redneck, ways to keep cool since the AC went out. In short we put in a window ac unit, three box fans, two small fans, and went swimming a lot. Not ideal by any means but sometimes you just have to roll with it. Hopefully next week we can get the one of my husband's clients, whose company deal with this sort of stuff, to look at it and tell us if fixing is even possible. The big issue we keep running into is that the unit is so old and they don't make the exact parts anymore, which in turn makes it more difficult. A new one will cost us about $600 so we'll just have to see which way fate takes us. At least we are back down into the 80's and low 90's for the moment, although some heavy rain would be wonderful.

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Well we are finishing up our first month of RV living. We still face challenges and the rig still needs a lot of help, but we are loving it. Since I haven't had internet at this current RV park and the fact that my time has been limited as we all adjust, there is a lot of information and updates I want to cover. That being said, I am going to break all the information down into several posts that cover various topics and just post everything at once. This one though, is catching up on the triplets, the amazing changes with them, and some tips for those either camping or going for the RV life with toddlers. We have learned a great deal in a short amount of time and there is still much to learn.  I can not believe how much the triplets have grown and changed this last month.

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