These two just crack me up! Criton has always been a mini copy of Michael from day one and it is hard to see any of me in him. He even dresses up in Dad's clothes when he is away at work! Here are some great pictures of them hanging out at the park and making faces :)

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Doc McStuffins toys have been flying off the shelves and have quickly become the hot new toy for this year!

If you haven't heard of or watch the show here is a brief synopsis: 

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This is the best deal ever for those who like to camp a lot, travel for work, kids travel sports teams, travel for fun, or those who want to live the full-time RV life. There are over 80 campgrounds (mostly in coastal and some mid-west states) all family oriented (amenities like pools, golf, putt putt, spas, game rooms, fishing, theme nights, playgrounds, and more). Also when you become a member of Thousand Trails you can become a member of RPI and stay in their private campgrounds for $10/ night and they have campgrounds all over the US.

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It comes as no surprise to anyone that knows us, but Halloween is our favorite holiday. My husband and I even got married on Halloween with a Renaissance theme. This year we got a pleasant surprise though. We never knew Campgrounds did such elaborate Halloween celebrations! Most of the campgrounds do special Halloween weekends with trick or treating, games, shows, costume contests, and parties for people of all ages. Not only that, but the RV community really goes all out in decorating. Here are a few pictures of some camp sites where we were at:


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Last month Miche (our oldest daughter), Darien (her Boyfriend), the triplets (Haley, Criton and Caitlin), Michael, and myself did a family outing to Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, IN. It was a really fun day with everyone but bittersweet too. Miche and Darien moved to Indianapolis right after this for job and college reasons. Although she has been living with him this summer, and I know we will still see her, it's just not the same. Anyway, here are the pictures from our wonderful zoo trip.










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