Michael and I have been discussing how even now, each baby seems to have started showing their own personalities in the womb. This raised some questions... Do babies start developing their personalities before they are born? Will these certain "personality" traits continue when they are born, or will they change?

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Well we are 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant today and had another doctors appointment. Baby A and C weigh 6 ounces and Baby B weighs 5 ounces... right on target (at 17 weeks a normal singleton weighs about 5 ounces). Baby A is definitely a girl, Baby C is definitely a boy, and baby B they are now thinking 85% girl but still very uncooperative.

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15 weeks pregnant and the belly is large and in charge!

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Welcome to our triplets blog, we are 12 weeks pregnant with triplets.  First of all, we have had three ultrasounds so far. On the first one there were three sac and yolks... yes that is right, three. We were told not to expect all three to make it but of course my loving husband Michael stated they did not know our

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