Well we are actually 26 1/2 weeks but they seem to round down when looking at numbers. Criton (Baby C) seems to keep the lead in weights, he is 2lb 5 oz. Caitlin (Baby A) is at 2 lb 3oz. Little Haley is 2lb. That means they are all still right with/ above the 50th percentile in weights which is great. The cervix is measuring 3.9 which is still awesome (needs to be 3.5 or higher) with no funneling.

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It amazes me how much the kids are moving now at 26 weeks pregnant. Criton (Baby C) is still our most active but the girls are not far behind. One fascinating thing is when they are rolling over now (especially Haley) they tend to "pop up". Basically you can see and feel a round protrusion of either a head or butt. It is the craziest and most wonderful thing.

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Well my appointment on Wed was really crazy. The doc told me I would have my 3 hour glucose test done this time so I decided to go in a little early. Lucky that I did, because no one else knew anything about it, and it was done in the lab downstairs not the office.

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I wouldn't have thought it would be hard shopping for three but have found it to be challenging. I have three "to get" lists: One is the "Priorities List", these are the absolute essentials we need to bring the babies home. The second is the "Need List", this list contains the things that would make life really nice with the triplets. The third is the "Want List", it's all those little items you just want but don't need. I think we have been doing really well thus far.

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Being pregnant with triplets is a lot different then with singletons. Instead on a "due date" you get milestones. Your first one is 20 weeks. Usually once you've past 20 weeks the threat of miscarriage is gone. The second is 24 weeks, at 24 weeks pregnant there is about an 85% survival rate if the babies were born at this point. They call it the viability point.

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