Nothing is ever easy with triplets... especially after 34 weeks pregnant with triplets. Well they got my test results back and the protein in my urine was measuring 500 which is really high. So I am doing another 24 hr urine today and go back tomorrow morning for more blood work. My blood pressure is still doing ok and no other symptoms. 

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Well we are 33 weeks and 5 days today! The Peri appointment went well. All the babies passed their biophysical profiles with flying colors and very quickly. Everyone is head up feet down (breech) which is a good thing since we are having a C-section no matter what. 

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I am feeling slightly discouraged today at 33 weeks pregnant. I haven't had any contractions for almost a week now....Yay!.... but my blood pressure has started to come up a little. Yesterday it was 130's/70's and this morning it was 142/90. 

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Wow, a lot has happened this week. We had been coasting without any major issues until the contractions last Wed. We started the Procardia and it slowed them down nicely but never fully stopped them. So Sunday morning I woke up, and when I was getting up I pulled a stomach muscle right around where Criton (Baby C) is. 

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Well keeping my fingers crossed wasn't enough. I started having contractions yesterday morning about 8-12 minutes apart. They weren't painful, just felt the tightening. After several hours of drinking water and laying on my side, my peri finally had me come to the office. They said my cervix was long but dilated to 1. They didn't seem too worried about that but I am freaking out about it. 

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