Well the triplets are 11 weeks old, almost 3 months, and the time has just flown by.  Since I am just starting this triplets blog I thought it prudent to write a little about the previous 10 weeks to fill everyone in on our journey to this point. Weeks 1-6:  Those weeks seem like a blur. 

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I will be posting The Triplet Life's first contest in the next two weeks. So come back soon and participate!

Miche is our 15 year old daughter. She is actually my daughter from a previous marriage but if you ever saw her and Michael together you would never guess. It is almost scary how alike they are and how similar their tastes are. This year she decided she wanted to try homeschooling and is taking high school classes online. 

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Criton is the youngest of the group (born last) and weighed 6lb 6oz. He was Baby C in the womb. At 16weeks pregnant they were sure he was a boy. He never seemed shy about it and the ultrasonographers would always comment on that. We nick named him the "mover and shaker" of the group while I was pregnant. 

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Caitlin was born second and was the smallest baby. She weighed 6lb 3oz. She was Baby A in the womb. She laid all across the bottom of the uterus blocking the cervix. She was my kicker. When she moved she always seemed to be kicking like crazy. 

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