I love holidays because we spend them with our family, big and small. For my husband and I, family is the most important thing, so we make our life choices based on that. When families get together you just never know what will happen, personally I like the National Lampoons Christmas turn out. Yes, it's chatoic and a little crazy, but it is filled with laughter, love, and coming together. That is what memories will stick, not what you happened to get in the present department. Something to keep in mind.

There are a lot of families coming into the holidays with little money to spend on their kids. So I wanted to share a few ideas that might help ease the stress a little. Since the triplets are still little it tends to lean more towards younger children but you could get creative with the older ones too.

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Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to food. Our tastes tend to change when food prices keep creeping up and you're on a limited budget. I am going to do a little grouping of foods to have on hand, and what you can do with them. Keep in mind, we are not talking about supre healthly foods, the ideal meals, and so forth in this particular article. These are more survival staples if you get into a jam, natural disasters, really tight month for whatever reason, and so forth. These are items you want to try and have in your pantry at all times. I will be doing articles later that deal more with eating healthy cheap.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do to help more people through this blog and our youtbe channel. So many people are struggling right now both financially and emotionally (usually closely linked) due to the state of the economy around the world. It was recently reported that 1 in 4 Americans are not working now, and there is a variety of reasons for this, but none of them change the fact that families are continuing to have a rough go at it. I have a lot of experience in “making it work” and so I am creating  a series of videos and blog posts on what families can do to make it work even with the smallest of incomes. I will be posting them all up here for anyone who is interested. My hope is that this might help some people and make life for them a little easier and less stressful.

People always seem to assume that because I have triplets that must mean I have plenty of money. Personally I think they watch way too much reality tv (other multiple shows like Kate plus 8). The fact is I don’t. My husband and I are both educated. He is a web-designer/ Linux administer and has been in his field for almost 15 years now. Before the triplets were born I was an ICU RN/ Nurse Educator/ Researcher. The thing is though, we made decisions a long time ago about what was important to us, money or family. We could chose to work 40-60+ hours a week, make a lot of money, and not have that particular stress, but the result would be a very limited and stressful family life. This is true for us, because we have done it both ways and see the upside and downside of both. The other factor for us was extended family (grandparents and such). All of my husband’s family has lived in the same area their whole lives, and unfortunately there is not a good job market for my husband’s skills in the area. So when the triplet’s were born we made a choice to settle here to be close.

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For those of you who have read the Harry Potter series or seen the movies, you have a good idea what Quidditch is. Although due to some obvious obstacles (flying broomsticks just to name one), the actual sport is played a little differently and the new rules are often referred to as "Muggle-Quidditch".  It has quickly become a popular rising sport among colleges overt the past eight years. Harvard, Yale, Arizona Sate, Florida State, Illinois State, University of Southern Indiana, and Texas A&M just to name a few (Click here to see a full list of the US Teams). It's not just in the US though, colleges all over the world are competing such as Oxford University (Click Here to see a full list of countries and their teams).


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After the first month of bringing your brood home you are exhausted from the constant routine of: change diapers, feed, clean up, rest for 20 mins if your lucky and resume. Right now this is your life especially if you have no help. Sleep deprivation has set in and the Adrenalin you have been relying on is depleted. One night around the 3am feeding your mind wonders "When will it get easier?"

Now lets fast forward a year. They are all finally sleeping 11 hours straight at night! They are starting to feed themselves some, so this helps cut your time a little. Now they are engaging you and their surroundings more. They laugh at the smallest things. Their eyes and minds full of wonder. They are also crawling everywhere while you devise new ways to gate off the living room to keep them contained. They are pulling up on the couch while another one is wrapped around their ankle, dragging behind them. It takes 45 mins to get everyone ready to head out the door just to find, as your loading them in the car, someone has pooped. If your a paci mom, you'll have spares strategically placed all around the house, your diaper bag, in the car, and inevitably you'll spend at least 10 mins a day in a paci melt-down because one child will have lost theirs.

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