There are two videos in this article that really fit with today's post. Even if you don't like the music I highly encourage you to watch the videos. 

With our multi-decade long war in the Middle East, other confrontations around the world, and the Jade Helm exercises, I see and hear many people putting down our soldiers. Men and Women who volunteer to be shipped to war torn areas to protect us and those who can not protect themselves. Those that are here in the US to provide protection during times of unrest, and there has been a lot lately. Some do it to have the opportunity to go to college because they have no other means to do so. Some do it for financial security for their families. Some go because they feel honor bound to do so, and usually come from a long line of family who served. Some go because of something horrific happened (like the fall of the twin towers). In the end though it doesn't matter why they chose this life, a soldier is a soldier. 

I assume, and truly hope this is the case, that the people who are being hateful towards them, do not really know what it is like to be them. I come from a long line of military family. My mother side has been in every war since the civil war. Not distant relatives, direct ones. My father's side has been in every war since the Indian Wars (his family was Native American). I also have had many friends in the military, grew up around military personnel and bases. So for those who do not really understand what it means to be a soldier, here is your crash course:

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I debated long and hard about writing this post.  One, because it involves a personal aspect of one of my girls.  Secondly, because it is a sensitive subject.  It's sensitive for parents and could be for her later in life,  because whatever goes on the Internet is there forever. Never the less it's a topic that I feel should be discussed and hopefully help others. 

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There was a large blank wall in the playroom/ large livingroom. I usually let the kids take colored chalk and draw all over it. It makes them super happy and it just washes off. Also I won't be remodeling that room until the kids are older. It has the older concrete type walls so I will either be ripping them all out and putting up new walls or covering them in wallpaper when I do, so I don't care if it gets all crazy.

The big blank wall vexed me though. I hated sitting in there and have this huge white space staring at me. So one day while staring at it, I decided to do something about it. One pack of markers and 2 days later, this is what the kids and I came up with :)

20150204 163724-1


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I went to bed super early last night with the hope of waking up before the littles this morning and forcing myself to be that "Happy moring Mom." I should have known it was a lost cause from the begining...

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