Some introductions are in order... My name is Lisa Barnett. I have two teenagers from a previous marriage: a son Jasper (19) who went into the military, and my 17 year old daughter Miche who just started college. About 8 years ago I met Michael and right away we clicked. We had this instant bond that still amazes me to this day. So after about a year of dating and living together we got married. He had never had children and I wanted at least 1-2 more. So for five years we tried. Finally, in June of 2009 we became pregnant... weren't we surprised to find out it was triplets! Everyone always asks when the shock wares off and reality hits... my answer to this now is "when they come home" lol.  We were very lucky though. I carried the babies to 35 weeks and 6 days. Caitlin Iana Kay was 6lb 3oz, Criton Michael was 6 lb 6oz, and little Halye Jayne was 6lb 7 oz. No one had even heard of someone having triplets that large. None went to NICU, they only went to the Continuing Care Nursery for observation due to being 35 weeks. If you want to read more about the pregnancy/ birth I will be posting details under the Pregnancy Category. So here we are... living and surviving triplets. Everyone always asks what it is like, how do we do it, what are the kids like, and so on. So I decided to start this blog. To give everyone out there the inside scoop to what it is really like. Some days are really good and some are really bad. I have decided I am not going to sugar coat anything or leave anything out. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on life with triplets. It gives those who are expecting multiples a glimpse into what is coming, hopefully help out some new parents that may be dealing with things we have already went through, and to show the world what it takes to raise multiples. Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect, and a lot of times everything with these three seem like trial and error... but that is any child. Raising children is trial and error, it is instinct, it is love, it is tears, it is laughter, and it is time. Come join us and follow us through our journey of raising triplets.