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Take me to Church

First let me say I think this is a wonderful song and the words can be applied to many topics such as homosexual relationships (which it was written for), interracial relationships, inter-cultural relationships, and inter-religious. The thing I hated was the mob inside the video. It hurts my heart to see things like this but the reality is, this stuff still happens in our society. Parents turn their backs on their children for these reasons, communities are torn apart, life is lost, and for what? 

Let’s start with the practical: If different races, cultures, and religions did not intermix in earlier civilizations we would have a very limited gene pool and much slower advancements. It is combining various cultures that new ones emerge. It’s looking at how others have overcome problems that we develop new and better ways of doing things (using their knowledge combined with our knowledge). Most religions of today have incorporated and integrated more ancient religion practices, beliefs, holidays.

Now when it comes to the gay/ lesbian community, most of the hate I see seems to come from religious people, mainly Christian since I live in the US. I love when people quote the bible as stating that their love is wrong. Firstly if you believe God created man, then wouldn’t that mean he created homosexuality as well? Let’s look at this another way. The Bible also says not to cut the last rows around your fields so hungry passerby’s can eat. I have never seen a farmer do this, Christian or not. It also says not to eat pork, and that was put in because people did not cook it correctly back then and it made people very sick. The Bible is a guide, not a step by step handbook. If nothing else, look at the 10 commandments on how God wants you to live your life. I see nothing in there except ideals like treat people how you want to be treated, do not hate, and do not kill (that means under any circumstance- the commandment leaves no exceptions). So why pick and chose what you will take seriously from the bible and go against the highest laws for Christians (the 10 commandments)? It is just something to think about.

As far as why this is in my blog in the first place and my message to parents: Love your children no matter what. That is unconditional love and what all parents should have for their children. No matter what they do, who they love, what faith they follow, or where they go in life. You may not agree with some of their choices but you should love them no matter what.

I have always been upfront with my kids (I have grown kids too), that I didn’t care who they fell in love with. Didn’t care the sex of the person, race, religion, or anything else. Real love is hard enough to find in this world, and if you find someone who loves you as much as you love them, and treats you the way you should be treated, then who cares! Don’t destroy your children and your relationship with them for shallow reasons, and yes I consider all those shallow reasons.

Our kids already have a long rocky road ahead of them with the way our world is right now. Home should be their shelter, their sanctuary, and we, the parents, their guardians.