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The Blank Wall

There was a large blank wall in the playroom/ large livingroom. I usually let the kids take colored chalk and draw all over it. It makes them super happy and it just washes off. Also I won’t be remodeling that room until the kids are older. It has the older concrete type walls so I will either be ripping them all out and putting up new walls or covering them in wallpaper when I do, so I don’t care if it gets all crazy.

The big blank wall vexed me though. I hated sitting in there and have this huge white space staring at me. So one day while staring at it, I decided to do something about it. One pack of markers and 2 days later, this is what the kids and I came up with 🙂

20150204 163724-1



They still have plenty of blank space to let out all their artistic visions and I don’t have a horrible blank wall. Win win! 

Who knew markers could do such a great job.

The kids picked out the tree idea from pictures we looked at, and they each chose the colors for their owls (Caitlin- blue, Criton- red/orange, Haley-purple)

20150204 163746-1

Caitlin wanted a bumble bee with her name.

20150204 100922

Haley loves butterflies… fairies…. pretty much any colorful flying thing.

20150204 100850

No matter how much I tried to convince my phone and my website, I could not get this picture to show upright. Anyway, Criton loves monkeys/ apes. One of his favorites are the Lemurs, so I did my best to create one for him.

20150204 100831

Now if you love your walls you might not want to try this. To be honest I am not sure if primer would really cover this. As I said, with my future plans it doesn’t matter. The color chalk though comes off super easy and makes a great indoor winter/ rainy day past time for kids 🙂

The kids have already been planning more drawing additions to the wall above the tree area, so if I go there, we will update with more pictures. This post was mainly to show what you can do to add a little flare/ design without spending a lot of money. I was actually surprised how it came out and the pictures don’t really do it justice. We had a blast with it!