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Quidditch: Fastest Growing Sport


For those of you who have read the Harry Potter series or seen the movies, you have a good idea what Quidditch is. Although due to some obvious obstacles (flying broomsticks just to name one), the actual sport is played a little differently and the new rules are often referred to as “Muggle-Quidditch”.  It has quickly become a popular rising sport among colleges overt the past eight years. Harvard, Yale, Arizona Sate, Florida State, Illinois State, University of Southern Indiana, and Texas A&M just to name a few (Click here to see a full list of the US Teams). It’s not just in the US though, colleges all over the world are competing such as Oxford University (Click Here to see a full list of countries and their teams).



They even have a World Cup and the International World Cup for Quidditch. Although the sport is still young it is starting to grow a big following. High School teams are emerging, Elementary schools are starting to play it, and youth clubs are starting to pop up. It has grown from Harry Potter fans to sports enthusiasts and kids are reaping the benefits. 

This sport not only instills teamwork, fair play, and discipline like other sports, but also engages the fun of imagination for younger kids. It is also one of the few gender equal sports, as in both boys and girls play on the same teams. 

Still not seeing it? Here are some Youtube links that not only explain Muggle-Quidditch but also a couple showing young kids (5 years old and up) playing as well:




There is a bunch more you can find on youtube if your interested. Also most of the teams have websites you can go to as well if you want to check out who is near you.

Ok, so why am I talking about this? Simple, I have triplets who are of different genders (two girls, one boy), they are at an age where I want to involve them with sports, we read Harry Potter every night and they love it (I also read a chapter a day with my grown kids when they were younger), and this looks really fun! The equipment is not expensive and with some creativity even families with no real spending money can make it work to get started. It’s also a great way for kids to unleash their imagination while playing and being a team fan. Yep, even fans on the sidelines get into the action dressing up, carrying wands, and immersing themselves in the action. 

As technology grows, and the following of this sport grows, the more I can see it heading to a more Wizarding World. They are looking at drone technology to develop smart snitches that really fly. Wouldn’t it be cool if one day they developed hoover brooms too lol.

So why not? 

I am working on getting everything together and strategies for the kids and I to start playing on teams of two. Hopefully I can get some of the other multiple moms/ parents in on it and we can form correct size teams. I also plan on talking to the USI Eagles Quidditch team about watching their practices and maybe doing a “Quidditch Camp” for the local kids. If nothing else, we will have a lot of fun!\

In an age where technology rules, kids are spending more and more time indoors when what they really need is to be outside being active. They can also route for a favorite team, go to games, and maybe even the World Cup 🙂