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Berkey Water Filters

 With constant reports of trace amounts of drugs, bacteria, and other contaminants being put into our drinking water by water treatment plants all over the country, water filtration and purification has become a big concern for many people.   Also the taste and clarity of water has been affected which has led more and more people to drink less water. Others have water filters on their kitchen faucets, integrated into the kitchen sinks, and they buy bottle and jugs of water y the ton. These water filters though only clean some of the contaminants from the water. They also are not portable and able to go with you when your out, on vacation, camping, hiking, and so forth. There is a solution though and it will remove the most bacterias, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants then any other filter system. 

Berkey is one of the top respected companies when it come to water filtration and purification. They come in a variety of sizes from a small 20 oz water bottle up to the Crown which can produce up to 26 gallons on purified water an hour. Depending on your use is depending on what type you will want to get. Below are a few examples of the different options:

You can take water from virtually anywhere, put it through the filter, and it becomes clean, tasty, drinkable water. If you love to be outdoors and hike, the water bottle would be ideal. When you run across a stream or lake, you can just fill up and be secure in knowing that the water you drink is safe. Are you on the go a lot and spending tons of money on bottled water? Just take along your Berkey water bottle and fill up from any water source and get the same clean taste every time.

Do you or a family member camp, hunt, or travel a lot? This would be the perfect thing for them. They are several sizes that would be excellent in a camp or to travel in the car/ truck and they can rest easy knowing the water they are drinking is safe and tastes great. No more hauling bottled water. No more dealing with water faucet or in-line filters that don’t do half the job the Berkey does. 

You can either have the choice of styles. Either the stainless steel look or a blue plastic look. The plastic ones even have a fum LED light that can be put under it to give it some flare!

To learn more about Berkey you can go here and get complete stats on all of the models and options: