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Super Cheap Camping


This is the best deal ever for those who like to camp a lot, travel for work, kids travel sports teams, travel for fun, or those who want to live the full-time RV life. There are over 80 campgrounds (mostly in coastal and some mid-west states) all family oriented (amenities like pools, golf, putt putt, spas, game rooms, fishing, theme nights, playgrounds, and more). Also when you become a member of Thousand Trails you can become a member of RPI and stay in their private campgrounds for $10/ night and they have campgrounds all over the US.

Depending on what membership you go with will depend on the upfront cost. Right now you can get one region (covering several states) with no set up fee. If you get more then one zone you can split up the set up fee over 4 payments. After the initial set up fee, no matter how many zones you opt for, you only pay $499/ year and can break it up it monthly payments.

What does this give you? The first 30 days of camping (however you break it up) is free and then every other night for the rest of the year is just $3. You can stay at the park for 2 weeks and then you have to leave for 7 days, and then you can go back. If you use it in conjunction with the RPI membership and stayed at the campgrounds all month long your total monthly living costs for your site (including utilities, which are all included) would be $175/ month. You just can’t beat those savings and the resort campgrounds are awesome!

You can buy used memberships with some different terms. Like some you can go just from park to park without the 7 day break period. Some you can stay for 3 weeks and out one. There are literally tons of various options. The only issue there is that it is a huge initial cost (several thousand dollars consisting of the cost to buy from the person and the transfer fees. It also takes several weeks to complete the transfer.

I highly recommend this camping pass. It will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year depending on how much you use it and you get to stay in some really great camping resorts all over the country. If you travel a lot, this is definately the best deal out there. You can click here to see lists of the campgrounds, get more information, and sign up if you chose to:  Thousand Trails