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Halloween RV Style

It comes as no surprise to anyone that knows us, but Halloween is our favorite holiday. My husband and I even got married on Halloween with a Renaissance theme. This year we got a pleasant surprise though. We never knew Campgrounds did such elaborate Halloween celebrations! Most of the campgrounds do special Halloween weekends with trick or treating, games, shows, costume contests, and parties for people of all ages. Not only that, but the RV community really goes all out in decorating. Here are a few pictures of some camp sites where we were at:







The kids had an awesome time. The park was filled with kids, they got tons of candy, played in bounce houses, went on a hay ride, and did other crafty projects. I wish I knew before about campground Halloween celebrations, we would have been doing this for a very long time. I highly recommend, whether you are a full-timer or not, check out your local campgrounds/ RV parks to see what kind of Holiday celebrations they have going on. They seem to have something big go on for just about every big holiday and the RV community is filled with really great people.

I also suggest you reserve early as those weekends usually fill up quickly.  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!