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RV Water Filters

If you have gone camping, pretty much anywhere, you have probably noticed the water was a little dirty looking and may have even tasted a little funny. Even the water coming out of your tap at home may be like this in a lot of places, which is why many people have some type of water filter. Why not have one for your RV too.                  

Here is a list of a few really good ones in different price ranges. It just depends on your use, your personal needs, and your budget. 

First is one of the most common water filters used.

The Camco TastePURE water filter can be connected directly to the RV or at the water supply spout at your site. This model significantly reduces/ eliminates bad taste, odor, sediment, chlorine, and bacteria. We have used this one in bad water areas and have noticed a HUGE difference. It also great for those on lower budgets or those who just use their RV’s for weekends/ vacations.

The Camco Evo Premium is a step up from the TastePURE. It has a little more filtration power but biggest advantage is the filter is replaceable so you don’t have to replace the whole unit.

Now this last one is the highest grade water purifier you can buy, for home, RV, hiking in the wilderness, or wherever else life takes you. If you like to boon-dock in the middle of no where this is a must for you. The Berkey water filters. They come in all sizes from water-bottles to huge 6 Gallon containers. You can put water from lakes and streams into these and will get back some of the purest and tastiest water. It also doesn’t take out all the vitamins that are naturally in water. To read all about them, how they work, and why they are the best investment around click here.

Everyone’s needs and budget are different, though I highly recommend getting some type of water filter system if you are going to be RVing a lot.