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Two Year Old Temper Tantrums

If you have ever had a toddler then you probably know the frustration of the temper tantrums they throw. Usually at the worst time (like when out in a store), extremely loud, and sometimes with them throwing themselves around like a mad person. Yes this is the toddlers way of expressing impatients, frustration, independence, and stubbornness.Welcome to the toddler years!

One reason that these fits are so common in 2 year olds is because they are just learning to express what they want and need but still do not have the vocabulary to get the point across to the adults. That can be extremely frustrating for them and they are still very emotional little people without a lot of self control yet. Keep this in mind when dealing with them. It can be hard sometimes but it will work in your favor in the long run.

Here are some tips to try and help diffuse the fit itself, as well as, help them realize to communicate instead of getting upset. It will make them easier to deal with as they get older too.

Try to get down on their level (face to face) when talking to them.

Talk gently yet firmly while trying to find out what they are trying to communicate.

If they start thrashing around while they throw their fit, make sure they are safe and there isn’t anything around that they can hurt themselves on. Talk softly to them, asking them to calm down so you can help. If it gets worse then watch to make sure they are safe but don’t interact with them until they calm down. This teaches them that it is not ok to throw fits to get attention or what they want.

A lot of times toddlers throw fits for three reasons: One is the inability to communicate their needs properly to you. Two is to get your attention on them. The third is boredom, which is usually linked to the second (wanting your attention).

No one is perfect. Sometimes the fits can grate every nerve we have, and at that point, just walk away for a minute. Yelling and spanking do no good here. They only escalate the situation until everyone is frustrated and miserable.

I have three, two year olds running around. I have at least 3 meltdown fits a day for various reasons. There are some days where they all alternate fits and someone is crying almost all day long. To say my nerves get a little rattled those days would be an understatement, and when my husband hits the door I am ready to get away for 10 mins of peace.

Just keep in mind it is a phase. As they grow they will be able to communicate better. As long as you stand firm and don’t allow them to think that  throwing fits is how to get things, this too will pass. On the other hand though. If you give into all their fits and give them treats to make them stop, you are setting yourself up for a long hard battle later on.

As a parent of grown children and small children, I have acquired a unique insight into these types of things. I can see some things that worked, as well as, things that made life much more difficult later on. Everyone is different though and we each have to find what not only works for us, but also our children.