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Our GMC RV: Before and After Pictures

Here are some before pictures of our GMC motorhome…

At our first campsite:









 Here are some Before pictures of our GMC before we started fixing her up. I forewarn that some are really gross…

 The ceiling in the kitchen facing backwards. It was all falling down.









This is a closer picture of the ceiling/ wall where you can see where some of the edges have water-damage and peeling off:









This shot shows some of the peeling wall, ratted curtains and the seals around the window:

10wall before








 The floor, facing into the back of the RV from the kitchen:









Floor in the kitchen/ hallway:









Entryway floor:

5entrance before








Dinette area in the front:










This picture is by the door in the kitchen area. They had the fridge pulled out and replaced with a nasty, very tiny, dorm fridge:

7entrancekitchen before








The roof before. We have replaced several caps and such already, but it is going to need to be totally stripped and resealed. There is mounds of goop everywhere:










This is the pipe the black tank is connected to, which we had to replace of course, extend it so it actually came out the back of the RV like it was supposed to, and we had to replace the black tank valve since it was split in half:











Now this is the nasty of the nasty picture. The toilet before:










Now for After photos! We still have a long way to go, but we are getting there…


New Floor. We went with vinyl for durability with kids:
















We put in all new ceilings. We used FRP and put extra insulation underneath:










We were still under construction during this picture but it shows off the new fridge nicely. It is electric but we have been changing everything over to electric. For those new to the blog, we are going to be doing solar and wind power:















This is a picture of the front before we took off (still some tools and such around). We made some temporary slip covers for the chairs/ couch from material we already had on hand:










There will be more pictures to come to really show her off but we have been swamped with fixing jobs. So this at least gives a little taste of what we have been doing!