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Step 2 Choo Choo Wagon and Review

We get stopped and asked all the time about our Step 2 Choo Choo wagon when we are out.


Once the triplets got a little older they wanted a little more freedom then the stroller. With three toddlers running in every direction it wasn’t possible to just let them walk everywhere. Also for big outtings like the zoo they would get tired out and there was no way to carry three at once. That’s when another mom told me about the Step 2 Choo Choo wagons.

If you have multiples you probably know all about them and what a high commodity they are. Step 2 even stopped making them for a time and they were being sold for $400-500 a piece used. Luckily for me though Step 2 put them back out and the price is less then $150. You don’t have to be a mom of multiples to enjoy it though. Daycares use them, private care providers use them, as well as, people with several small children of various ages.

Some great fetures are:

Cup holders built into each cart

Every child gets their own space

Seat belts tht don’t hinder their movement to view things but keep them snuggly in their seat

Easy to manuver and pull for most any height adult

Great on road and off (walking through grass, gravel, dirt)

Can hold up to 50lbs per car (so depending on the child up to around age 5-6 years)

You can buy extra cars and link up to 6 together

Easy to break down to fit inside the back of a vehicle (ours fit easily in the back of our Town n County van)

Very durable

Our kids have absoluetly loved this wagon. Even now when they do most of the walking on their own we take it with to hold drinks, and when they get tired or need a break, they just climb in. We have taken it through all kinds of different terrain and haven’t had any issues pulling it, although sand is one we haven’t ventured too yet.

They are some different accessories you can buy as well to make travel a little easier. There are umbrellas that clip on to the side to give them shade. There is an extra, smaller car that can be used to haul coolers, toys, and numerous other kid items.

Whether you are just going for a walk in the neighborhood, going to the zoo, a trip to the mall, or just about anywhere else, this is a great tool to have. The kids love having their own space, they can see all around them, their drinks are safely with them, and it gives them a whole new sense of freedom and being a big kid. I highly recommend these for anyone who has more then one small child or who takes care of several small children. You will not be disappointed in the quality or longgevity of this wagon, as well as, how much enjoyment your kids will get from it.